Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 17II/1 — eigi ‘not’

Svik réð eigi eklu
allvaldr Dǫnum gjalda;
lét fullhugaðr falla
Falstrbyggva lið tyggi.
Hlóð, en hôla tœðu
hirðmenn ara grenni,
auðar þorn fyr ǫrnu
ungr valkǫstu þunga.

Allvaldr réð eigi gjalda Dǫnum svik eklu; fullhugaðr tyggi lét lið Falstrbyggva falla. Ungr þorn auðar hlóð þunga valkǫstu fyr ǫrnu, en hirðmenn tœðu grenni ara hôla.

The mighty ruler did not repay the Danes for their deceit meagrely; the high-mettled prince made the troop of Falster-dwellers fall. The young thorn-tree of treasure [MAN] piled up heavy heaps of slain for eagles, and retainers served the feeder of the eagle [WARRIOR] excellently.


[1] eigi: eigi af F



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