Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 14II/3 — þeirar ‘at the right’

Skeiðr tók Bjarnar bróður
ballr Skônungum allar
— þjóð røri þeirar tíðar
þingat — gramr með hringum.

Gramr, ballr Skônungum, tók allar skeiðr bróður Bjarnar með hringum; þjóð røri þingat þeirar tíðar.

The monarch, baleful to the Skánungar, seized all the warships of Bjǫrn’s brother [= Sveinn], every one; men rowed up at the right moment.


[3] þeirar: þeirra Flat


[3] þeirar tíðar ‘at the right moment’: So Bjarni Aðalbjarnarson, who renders tíð as heillastund (?) ‘fortunate time (?)’ (ÍF 28, 58 n.). Although tíð f. normally has a neutral sense which can be qualified by góð ‘good’ or ill ‘bad, evil’, the possibility that it can have a favourable sense is suggested by its antonym ótíð ‘bad season, bad weather, inappropriate time’ and by the adj. tíðr ‘accustomed, popular, beloved’.



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