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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 9II/4 — Vestlandi ‘Vestland’

Fúss lét á Ré ræsir
rammþing háit Glamma;
valska rauð fyr víðu
Vestlandi gramr branda.

Ræsir lét fúss rammþing Glamma háit á Ré; gramr rauð valska branda fyr víðu Vestlandi.

The ruler, eager, caused a mighty encounter of Glammi <sea-king> [BATTLE] to be held at Rügen; the sovereign reddened Frankish blades off broad Vestland.


[4] Vestlandi: Vindlandi H(7r), Vinlandi Hr(7vb), Flat, veldi Hr(10ra)


[4] Vestlandi ‘Vestland’: This is, judging from LP, a unique record of this p. n. The prep. fyr ‘off, before’ is compatible with the surmise that Vestland is a coastal area, either on the island of Rügen, as assumed in LP, or on the mainland opposite (modern western Pomerania), as assumed by Bjarni Aðalbjarnarson, index to ÍF 28. The epithet víðr ‘broad’ (here dat. sg. víðu) is somewhat conventional (see LP entry, also for breiðr), but if it has literal significance here and if the battle was fought on land, it would point to Vestland having been on the mainland rather than on the small island of Rügen.



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