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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Hryn 12II/8 — stalldræp ‘terror-struck’

Skjǫldungr, fórt of óþjóð eldi;
auðit vas þá flotnum dauða;
hæstan kynduð, hlenna þrýstir,
hyrjar ljóma sunnr at Jómi.
Hvergi þorði hallir varða
heiðit folk í virki breiðu;
buðlungr, unnuð borgarmǫnnum
bjǫrtum eldi stalldræp hjǫrtu.

Skjǫldungr, fórt eldi of óþjóð; þá vas dauða auðit flotnum; þrýstir hlenna, kynduð hæstan ljóma hyrjar sunnr at Jómi. Heiðit folk þorði hvergi varða hallir í breiðu virki; buðlungr, unnuð borgarmǫnnum stalldræp hjǫrtu bjǫrtum eldi.

King, you went with flame through the evil tribe; then death was fated to men; crusher of thieves [JUST RULER], you kindled a towering blaze of fire south in Wollin. The heathen host dared not at all to defend halls in the broad stronghold; royal one, you caused terror-struck hearts in the townsmen, by means of bright flame.


[8] stalldræp hjǫrtu: so F, E, J2ˣ, stall hjǫrtu , ‘stall drap hiart(az)’(?) 39


[7, 8] unnuð borgarmǫnnum stalldræp hjǫrtu ‘you caused terror-struck hearts in the townsmen’: The variant stalldræp hjǫrtu is certainly correct, for the reading, stall hjǫrtu, is metrically deficient. Vinna e-m stalldræpt hjǫrtu is probably a secondary variant of the phrase hjarta drepr stall ‘the heart is stopped/struck (with terror)’ which Arnórr uses in Þorfdr 7 (see Note to ll. 5 and 8). Halldór Halldórsson (1965, 41 and 62) suggests that the adj. stalldræpr was formed by Arnórr himself. It otherwise only occurs in RvHbreiðm Hl 30/4III, composed a century later.



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