Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Hryn 11II/6 — dǫglingr ‘a sovereign’

Heyra skalt, hvé herskjǫld bôruð,
hilmis kundr, til Venða grundar
— heppinn drótt af hlunni sléttum
hélug bǫrð — í stefjaméli.
Aldri frák, en, vísi, valdið
Venða sorg, at dǫglingr spenði
— flaustum varð þá flóð of ristit —
fleiri skip til óðals þeira.

Kundr hilmis, skalt heyra í stefjaméli, hvé bôruð herskjǫld til grundar Venða; drótt, heppinn, hélug bǫrð af sléttum hlunni. Aldri frák, at dǫglingr spenði fleiri skip til óðals þeira, en, vísi, valdið sorg Venða; þá varð flóð of ristit flaustum.

Ruler’s kinsman, you shall hear in a refrain-section how you carried the war-shield to the land of the Wends; you dragged, fortunate, rime-spread prows from the smooth launcher. Never have I heard that a sovereign steered more ships against their patrimony, and, prince, you cause grief for the Wends; then the flood was carved by ships.



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