Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Hryn 15II/5 — hringum ‘one’

Keppinn vannt, þats æ mun uppi,
Yggjar veðr, meðan heimrinn byggvisk;
valgammr skók í vápna rimmu
viðr Helganes blóðugt fiðri.
Yngvi, fekktu ǫll með hringum,
— jarl vissi sik foldar missa —
þjóðum kunnr, en þú tókt síðan,
þeira flaust, við sigri meira.

Vannt keppinn veðr Yggjar, þats mun æ uppi meðan heimrinn byggvisk; valgammr skók blóðugt fiðri í rimmu vápna viðr Helganes. Yngvi kunnr þjóðum, fekktu ǫll flaust þeira með hringum; jarl vissi sik missa foldar, en þú tókt síðan við meira sigri.

You fought, vigorous, a wind-storm of Yggr <= Óðinn> [BATTLE], which will always be extolled while the world is peopled; the corpse-vulture [RAVEN/EAGLE] ruffled his bloody plumage in the roar of weapons [BATTLE] at Helgenæs. Sovereign renowned to men, you seized all their vessels, every one; the jarl [Sveinn Úlfsson] knew he had lost land, and you gained then a greater victory.


[5] ǫll ... með hringum ‘all ... every one’: Með /at hringum is recorded elsewhere in verse and prose, although not very common. LP: 1. hringr 6 compares með hringum with með bugum ‘with (all its) curves, completely’. The phrase might be compared with Ív Sig 41/4 með stǫfnum ‘from stem to stern’, referring to the clearing of a warship (see also Note to Anon Nkt 28/2), however, and the collocation with allr ‘all’ and the context (Magnús’s capture of Sveinn’s ships at Helgenæs) both here and in Arn Magndr 14/4 would suggest that the sense is of seizing (numerically) all the ships, rather than each ship completely.



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