Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Frag 5II/4 — far ‘the vessel’

Útan bindr við enda
elgvers glǫðuðr hersa
hreins við húfi rónum
hafs botni far gotna.

Glǫðuðr hersa bindr far gotna útan við enda hreins elgvers við botni hafs, rónum húfi.

The gladdener of hersar [RULER] ties up the vessel of men out at the edge of the pure elk-sea [LAND], by the inlet of the ocean, rowed by the hull.


[4] far: so , W, B, ‘fiar’ R


[4] far gotna ‘the vessel of men’: So most eds, and this is the most natural reading. Sveinbjörn Egilsson mentioned this as an alternative, but otherwise took hersa gotna ‘chieftains of men’ (præfectores virorum) together (SnE 1848-87, I, 322-3 and n. 11).



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