Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Frag 2II/3 — hrings ‘of the sword’

Jarl lætr odda skúrar
optherðir gǫr verða
hrings, áðr hann of þryngvi,
hǫrð él, und sik jǫrðu.

Jarl, optherðir skúrar odda, lætr hǫrð él hrings verða gǫr, áðr hann of þryngvi jǫrðu und sik.

The jarl, frequent hardener of the shower of barbs [BATTLE > WARRIOR], causes harsh storms of the sword [BATTLES] to be made before he forces land under himself.


[3] hrings ‘of the sword’: Coupled, as determinant, with él ‘storm’ (l. 4) to form a battle-kenning, hrings here must mean not ‘ring’ but ‘sword’ (LP: hringr 2). The kenning is thus a parallel with skúrar odda ‘of the shower of barbs’ (l. 1).




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