Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eir Lv 1II/5 — Gerði ‘did’

Bœir eru brenndir,         en búendr ræntir,
— svá hefr Sveinn hagat —         sex í morgin.
Gerði hann einum         œrinn þeira;
leigir þar kol         leigumanni.

Sex bœir eru brenndir í morgin, en búendr ræntir; Sveinn hefr hagat svá. Hann gerði œrinn einum þeira; leigir kol þar leigumanni.

Six farms have been burned this morning, and the farmers robbed; Sveinn has arranged this. He did plenty for [each] one of them; [he] rents out charcoal there to the one who rents.



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