Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bót Lv 1II/3 — vôn ‘expectations’

Ferr at foglum harri
— firar neyta vel skeyta —
vôn á heiðar hœna
hnakkadytts — und bakka.
Þar verðr almr, es olmir
undlinns stafir finnask
— land verr lofðungr brandi —
lynghœsn, dreginn kyngjum.

Harri ferr at foglum und bakka; firar neyta skeyta vel; hœna heiðar á vôn hnakkadytts. Almr verðr kyngjum dreginn þar, es olmir stafir undlinns [ok] lynghœsn finnask; lofðungr verr land brandi.

The lord has gone to hunt birds beneath the slopes; men are using shooting-weapons well; the chicken of the heath [GAME BIRD] has expectations of a neck-blow. The bow is being frequently drawn, where the frenzied poles of the wound-serpent [SWORD > WARRIORS] [and] the heather-chicken [GAME BIRD] meet; the prince defends the land with his sword.



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