Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Sex 21II/6 — réð ‘had his way’

Tók Holmbúa hneykir
harðan taum við Rauma;
þar hykk fast ins frœkna
fylking Haralds gingu.
Eldr vas gǫrr at gjaldi;
gramr réð, en þá téði
hár í hóf at fœra
hrótgarmr búendr arma.

Hneykir Holmbúa tók harðan taum við Rauma; þar hykk fylking ins frœkna Haralds gingu fast. Eldr vas gǫrr at gjaldi; gramr réð, en hár hrótgarmr téði þá at fœra arma búendr í hóf.

The confounder of the Island-dwellers [= Haraldr] took a hard rein against the Raumar; there I think the troop of the bold Haraldr advanced strongly. Fire was used in requital; the king had his way, and the towering roof-hound [FIRE] served then to bring the wretched farmers into moderation.


[6] réð: om. E, ‘r[...]ð’ Mork



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