Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Orkn) 1II/3 — af ‘from’

Heyrik hitt, en órir
hafa dolgar skap folgit,
þengill ríkr, af þingi
þann kvitt búandmanna,
at valdandar vildi,
vargseðjandi, margir,
at þú vigg á brim byggir
brands en Pál at landi.

Heyrik hitt, ríkr þengill, af þingi—en dolgar órir hafa folgit skap—, þann kvitt búandmanna, at margir valdandar vildi, vargseðjandi, at þú byggir vigg brands á brim en Pál at landi.

I hear this, mighty lord, from the assembly—and our enemies have concealed intent—, the rumour of the landowners that many powerful men wished, wolf-sater [WARRIOR], that you should occupy the steed of the prow [SHIP] on the sea and that Páll should be on the land.


[3] af þingi ‘from the assembly’: Kock (NN §1231) suggests that because the poet was present this should be translated as ‘at the assembly’ rather than ‘from the assembly’ but the sense seems rather to be that he is bringing the news from the assembly.



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