Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Sex 19II/2 — af

Nús of verk, þaus vísi,
vandmælt, svát af standisk,
auðan plóg at eiga
Upplendingum kenndi.
Sér hefr svá langs tírar
svinns, at æ mun vinnask,
þríu missari þessi
þengils hǫfuð fengit.

Nús vandmælt, svát af standisk, of verk, þaus vísi kenndi Upplendingum at eiga auðan plóg. Hǫfuð svinns þengils hefr fengit sér svá langs tírar þessi þríu missari, at æ mun vinnask.

Now it is difficult to speak, so that it is adequate, of the deeds by which the prince taught the Upplendingar to own a barren plough. The head of the prudent lord has won itself such enduring glory these three seasons that it will last for ever.



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