Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Sex 4II/4 — ulfs ‘on the wolf’s’

Lét, þás lypt vas spjótum,
liðs hǫfðingi kviðjat,
enn, þeirs undan runnu,
ulfs grôð, friðar bôðu.
Hann hefr fyr sæ sunnan
— svá finnask til minni —
opt með oddi keyptan
auð, þars leitt vas blauðum.

Hǫfðingi liðs lét kviðjat grôð ulfs, þás spjótum vas lypt, enn, þeirs runnu undan, bôðu friðar. Hann hefr opt keyptan auð með oddi fyr sæ sunnan, þars leitt vas blauðum; svá finnask minni til.

The commander of the host put a ban on the wolf’s hunger, as spears were raised up, and those who ran away begged for a truce. He has often purchased riches with his spear-point, south of the sea, where it was unpleasant for cowards; memorials of this are to be found.


[4] ulfs: ulf H, Hr



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