Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Sex 2II/7 — hættr ‘dangerous’

Tøgu má tekna segja
(tandrauðs) á Serklandi
(ungr hætti sér) átta
(ormtorgs hǫtuðr) borga,
áðr herskorðuðr harðan
Hildar leik und skildi
Serkjum hættr í sléttri
Sikileyju gekk heyja.

Má segja átta tøgu borga tekna á Serklandi—ungr hǫtuðr tandrauðs ormtorgs hætti sér—, áðr herskorðuðr, hættr Serkjum, gekk heyja harðan leik Hildar und skildi í sléttri Sikileyju.

One can say that eighty strongholds were captured in the land of the Saracens (Serkland)—the young hater of the flame-red dragon-square [GOLD > RULER] put himself in danger—, before the troop-supporter [WARRIOR], dangerous to the Saracens (Serkir), advanced to wage the harsh sport of Hildr <valkyrie> [BATTLE] behind his shield in level Sicily.



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