Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hryn 18II/3 — gunnar ‘of battle’

Öllum þótti, Egða stillir,
ægiligt, inn víða frægi,
gunnar logs fyrir græði sunnan
geigurþing við yðr at eiga.
Sætta báðu, Sygna dróttinn,
snjallráðan þik Danir allir,
fyrða gramr, þvít fegnir urðu
fjandmenn þínir lífi sínu.

Inn víða frægi stillir Egða, öllum þótti ægiligt at eiga geigurþing logs gunnar við yðr fyrir sunnan græði. Dróttinn Sygna, allir Danir báðu þik, snjallráðan, sætta, þvít fjandmenn þínir urðu fegnir lífi sínu, gramr fyrða.

Far-famed ruler of the Egðir [NORWEGIAN KING = Hákon], to everyone it seemed terrifying to hold a dangerous meeting of the flame of battle [SWORD > BATTLE] with you south of the sea. Lord of the Sygnir [NORWEGIAN KING = Hákon], all the Danes begged you, wise-ruling one, for a settlement, because your enemies were glad to save their lives, ruler of men [KING].


[3] logs gunnar ‘of the flame of battle [SWORD]’: Gunnr is a valkyrie, but here it is more likely the common noun gunnr (f.) ‘battle’. Both meanings could apply here in the kenning.




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