Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Magnfl 16II/4 — gefa ‘to give’

Rǫnn lézt, ræsir Þrœnda,
— reiðr þorðir bú meiða —
(hús namt hvert ok eisu)
hyrfeld (gefa eldi).
Grôu vildir þú gjalda,
gœðinga vinr, skœðar
— ǫrt renndu þeir undan —
jarls fylgjurum dylgjur.

Lézt rǫnn hyrfeld, ræsir Þrœnda; reiðr þorðir meiða bú; namt gefa hvert hús eldi ok eisu. Vinr gœðinga, þú vildir gjalda fylgjurum jarls grôu skœðar dylgjur; þeir renndu ǫrt undan.

You made buildings fire-razed, ruler of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN KING = Magnús]; angry, you dared to damage homesteads; you proceeded to give every house to fire and embers. Friend of nobles [RULER], you wanted to pay back the followers of the jarl grimly for their noxious hostilities; they ran rapidly away.



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