Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Magnfl 8II/4 — saman

Lǫgðu (grœðis glóða)
gramr ok jarl fyr skǫmmu
(þar kom bitr á bǫrva
brandleikr) saman randir,
svát manþinga munðut
merkjendr Heðins serkjar
— herr náði gný gørva
geirs — orrostu meiri.

Gramr ok jarl lǫgðu saman randir fyr skǫmmu; bitr brandleikr kom þar á bǫrva glóða grœðis, svát Heðins manþinga serkjar merkjendr munðut meiri orrostu; herr náði gørva gný geirs.

The king and the jarl clashed shields a short time ago; biting sword-sport [BATTLE] came there upon the trees of the embers of the ocean [GOLD > MEN], so that stainers of the shirt of the assembly of Heðinn’s <legendary hero’s> maiden [(lit. ‘of Heðinn’s maiden-assembly’) = Hildr > BATTLE > ARMOUR > WARRIORS] did not remember a greater battle; the army got to carry out tumult of the spear [BATTLE].



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