Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 25II/2 — skammt ‘a short way’

Dróttinn lét í Danmǫrk settan,
dǫglings grundar, skammt frá Lundi
erkistól, þanns ǫll þjóð dýrkar,
eljunþungr, á danska tungu.
Hildingr framði heilagt veldi;
hvargegnan má Ǫzur fregna
— hônum vísar haulda reynir
himna stíg — til byskups vígðan.

Eljunþungr dróttinn lét settan erkistól í Danmǫrk skammt frá Lundi, þanns ǫll þjóð dǫglings grundar dýrkar á danska tungu. Hildingr framði heilagt veldi; má fregna hvargegnan Ǫzur vígðan til byskups; reynir haulda vísar hônum stíg himna.

The energetic lord had an archbishopric established in Denmark a short way from Lund, which all the people of the ruler’s land worship in the Danish tongue. The prince advanced the holy kingdom; one can hear that the very capable Ǫzurr was ordained bishop; the trier of freeholders [= God] shows him the path to the heavens.


[2] skammt frá Lundi ‘a short way from Lund’: Located in Skåne, present-day Sweden (then a part of Denmark).



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