Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Sigdr I 4II/3 — ǫðling ‘lord’

Getk, þess’s gramr fór vitja
(glyggs) Jórsala byggðar
(meðr vitut ǫðling œðra)
ógnblíðr (und sal víðum).
Ok leyghati laugask
— leyft ráð vas þat — náði
hauka fróns í hreinu
hvatr Jórðánar vatri.

Getk, þess’s ógnblíðr gramr fór vitja byggðar Jórsala; meðr vitut œðra ǫðling und víðum sal glyggs. Ok hvatr hauka fróns leyghati náði laugask í hreinu vatri Jórðánar; þat vas leyft ráð.

I recount that the war-happy ruler went to visit the settlement of Jerusalem; men do not know a nobler lord under the wide hall of the storm [SKY/HEAVEN]. And the swift hater of the flame of the hawks’ land [(lit. ‘flame-hater of the hawks’ land’) ARM > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] was able to wash himself in the pure water of the River Jordan; that was a celebrated enterprise.



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