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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bragi Frag 2III/2 — dísardís

Hinn, es varp á víða
vinda ǫndurdísar
of manna sjǫt margra
munnlaug fǫður augum.

Hinn, es varp augum fǫður ǫndurdísar á víða munnlaug vinda of sjǫt margra manna.

The one who threw the eyes of the father of the ski-dís <minor female deity> [= Skaði > = Þjazi] into the wide hand-basin of winds [SKY/HEAVEN] above the dwellings of many men.


[2] ǫndurdísar: ‘aundr disar’ , ‘ondvr disa’ W


[2] ǫndurdísar ‘of the ski-dís <minor female deity>’: The ski-dís is the giantess Skaði, daughter of Þjazi (see Introduction). In Gylf (SnE 2005, 23-4) Snorri gives a description of Skaði, whose marriage to the sea-god Njǫrðr was one of the gods’ compensations to her for her father’s death at their hands (the latter and the circumstances of their marriage are described in Skm, SnE 1998, I, 2). Skaði and her father are associated with mountains at a place called Þrymheimr ‘Noise world’, and she is said in Gylf to be fond of skiing and shooting wild animals with bow and arrows, hence her name ǫndurguð eða ǫndurdís ‘ski-deity or ski-dís’ (SnE 2005, 24).



case: gen.


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