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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bragi Lv 1bVIII (Hálf 78)/8 — þann ‘to that’

Bragi Lv 1bVIII (Hálf 78)

Tveir eru inni,         trúik bôðum vel,
Hámundr ok Geirmundr,         Hjǫrvi bornir;
en Leifr þriði,         Loðhattar son;
fœddirat þú         þann mǫg, kona.

Tveir eru inni, trúik bôðum vel, Hámundr ok Geirmundr, bornir Hjǫrvi; en Leifr, son Loðhattar, þriði: fœddirat þú þann mǫg, kona.

There are two inside, I trust both well, Hámundr and Geirmundr, born to Hjǫrr; but Leifr, son of Loðhǫttr [is] the third; you did not give birth to that youth, woman.


[8] þann mǫg kona: í fjǫrð mun hann verri Mb, fáir munu verri Stˣ, Skˣ, ‘fiordar man hann verri’ 105ˣ, ‘fäer um vere’ with ‘(Landnámabók segir fæd hann kona i fiord mun hann væri.)’ added in scribal hand Þb106ˣ, fár mun in verri 114ˣ, 437ˣ, 439ˣ, 440ˣ


[7-8] fœddirat þú þann mǫg, kona ‘you did not give birth to that youth, woman’: The text of 2845 is quite different from that of the other witnesses, which differ considerably among themselves as well, although they all convey a similar message, that Leifr could not have been the child of a royal couple. For a discussion of the other versions, see Bragi Lv 1aIV and Notes.



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