Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 8VII/3 —  ‘of the fish’

Unnit engla kennir
aldyggr við bǫl styggum
teigs lengi at fága
logbeiði sið heiðinn,
þás sinnar trú svinnan
sjaldspurðum atburði
fleinrjóð fylkir lýða
flærðvarr gǫtu lærði.

Aldyggr kennir engla unnit teigs log beiði, styggum við bǫl, at fága lengi heiðinn sið, þás flærðvarr fylkir lýða lærði svinnan fleinrjóð gǫtu sinnar trú sjaldspurðum atburði.

The all-good knower of angels [= God] did not allow the demander of the fire of the fish-field [(lit. ‘fish-field’s fire-demander’) SEA > GOLD > MAN], shy of evil, to cultivate heathen practice[s] for long, when the deceit-wary ruler of mankind [= God] taught the wise spear-reddener [WARRIOR] the way of his faith by an unusual event.


[3] teigs: ‘lyteigir673b




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