Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þorm Lv 25I/7 — hvasst ‘sharply’

Undrask ǫglis landa
eik, hví vér róm bleikir;
fár verðr fagr af sôrum;
fannk ǫrva drif, svanni.
Mik fló malmr inn døkkvi
magni keyrðr í gǫgnum;
hvasst beit hjarta it næsta
hættligt járn, es vættik.

Eik landa ǫglis undrask, hví vér róm bleikir; fár verðr fagr af sôrum; fannk drif ǫrva, svanni. Inn døkkvi malmr, keyrðr magni, fló í gǫgnum mik; hættligt járn beit hvasst it næsta hjarta, es vættik.

The oak of the lands of the hawk [ARMS > WOMAN] wonders why we are [I am] pale; few grow handsome from wounds; I met a blizzard of arrows [BATTLE], lady. The dark metal, driven with might, flew through me; the dangerous iron bit sharply next to the heart, I expect.


[7] hvasst: ‘huazt’ 73aˣ


[7] hvasst ‘sharply’: Ulset (1975, 93) takes this as an adj. qualifying jarn ‘iron’, while noting the possibility of an adv.



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