Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákfl 9II/4 — Skánunga ‘of the Skánungar’

Veitti virða dróttinn
víkelds gjafir ríkjum
— gullsviptir hlaut giptu —
göfugr Skánunga jöfri.
Heim kom hilmir Rauma
— hvatir fundu þat skatnar —
ár með öflgum tíri
ólestr ok veg mestum.

Göfugr dróttinn virða veitti ríkjum jöfri Skánunga gjafir víkelds; gullsviptir hlaut giptu. Hilmir Rauma kom ár heim ólestr með öflgum tíri ok mestum veg; hvatir skatnar fundu þat.

The glorious lord of men [KING = Hákon] gave the mighty prince of the Skánungar [DANISH KING = Kristófór] gifts of the inlet-pyre [GOLD]; the gold-flinger [GENEROUS MAN] got good fortune. The ruler of the Raumar [NORWEGIAN KING = Hákon] soon returned home unharmed with high honour and the greatest glory; bold men noticed that.


[4] Skánunga: skánungar 81a, konunga 8




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