Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákfl 3II/8 — af ‘from’

Hljóp, sá er hersum steypa,
hyrgildandi, vildi,
ýgr frá allvalds mági
járnsveims ór Þrándheimi.
Endr lét Erlings frændi
Upplönd farit bröndum;
stríð hlutu stála meiðar
stórþung af Ribbungum.

Ýgr járnsveims hyrgildandi, sá er vildi steypa hersum, hljóp ór Þrándheimi frá mági allvalds. Frændi Erlings lét Upplönd endr farit bröndum; meiðar stála hlutu stórþung stríð af Ribbungum.

The fearsome validator of the fire of weapon-commotion [(lit. ‘fire-validator of weapon-commotion’) BATTLE > SWORD > WARRIOR], who wished to overturn the hersar, escaped from Trondheim from the in-law of the mighty ruler. The kinsman of Erlingr [= Sigurðr] again advanced in Opplandene with swords; the trees of weapons [WARRIORS] suffered oppressive torment from the Ribbungar.


[8] stórþung af: ‘stordungar’ 81a


[8] af Ribbungum ‘from the Ribbungar’: See Note to st. 1/4 above.



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