Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákfl 1II/8 — skeiðum ‘the warships’

Ern lét austr til Vörnu
allvaldr skipum haldit;
Rínfúra vann rýrir
Ribbunga hlut þungan.
Ok óstilta elti
örþingaðr víkinga
— rönd klauf ræsir steinda —
reiðr á land af skeiðum.

Ern allvaldr lét haldit skipum austr til Vörnu; rýrir Rínfúra vann þungan hlut Ribbunga. Ok reiðr örþingaðr elti óstilta víkinga á land af skeiðum; ræsir klauf steinda rönd.

The vigorous mighty ruler brought the ships east to Værne; the diminisher of Rhine-fires [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] made the Ribbungar’s situation grievous. And the angry assembly-convener of the arrow [WARRIOR] chased the rowdy vikings ashore from the warships; the prince clove the painted shield.



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