Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Lv 2aI/2 — ulfs ‘the wolf’s’

Sœkjum jarl, þanns auka
ulfs verð þorir sverðum;
hlǫðum við borð á barða
baugskjǫldum Sigvalda.
Drepr eigi sá sveigir
sárlinns, es gram finnum,
— rǫnd berum út á andra
Endils — við mér hendi.

Sœkjum jarl, þanns þorir auka verð ulfs sverðum; hlǫðum baugskjǫldum við borð á barða Sigvalda. Sá sveigir sárlinns drepr eigi hendi við mér, es finnum gram; berum rǫnd út á andra Endils

Let us visit the jarl who dares to increase the wolf’s food [CORPSES] with swords; let us load shields with bosses onto the side of Sigvaldi’s ship. That wielder of the wound-snake [SWORD > WARRIOR] will not push me away with his hand, when we [I] visit the ruler; let us carry shields out aboard the skis of Endill <sea-king> [SHIPS]


[2] ulfs: ulf 510




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