Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 17II/7 — drótt ‘the retinue’

Sendi snarlynda
sverða blikskerðir
sveit inn sigrmæti
síð til brynhríðar.
Drap í dul greypa
drengja lof þengils,
drótt sá er dal-Gauta
dæmði hersæmða.

Inn sigrmæti blikskerðir sendi snarlynda sveit sverða síð til brynhríðar. Lof þengils drengja drap í greypa dul, sá er dæmði drótt dal-Gauta hersæmða.

The victory-glorious gleam-diminisher [GENEROUS MAN] finally sent a quick-witted company of swords to the byrnie-storm [BATTLE]. The ruler’s praise of the warriors was gravely misplaced, he who deemed the retinue of the bow-Gautar <= Óðinn’s> [WARRIORS] battle-famed.


[7] drótt (f. acc. sg.) ‘the retinue’: Kock (NN §1361) takes this with the first cl. of the helmingr: lof þengils drótt drengja ‘the ruler’s praise of the retinue of the warriors’. However, lof ‘praise’ in the sense ‘praise of sby’ is construed with the gen. and not with the acc. or dat. (see Fritzner: lof).



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