Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 8II/8 — ótta ‘terror’

Stóð af stórráðum
stýri brimdýra
ógn of úrþvegnar
jarðir vestrgarða.
Færðu hjálmhirða
hausa friðlausir
jöfrar ósvifrum
ótta rándróttar.

Ógn stóð af stórráðum stýri brimdýra of úrþvegnar jarðir vestrgarða. Friðlausir jöfrar færðu ósvifrum ótta rándróttar hjálmhirða hausa.

Awe spread from the imperious controller of surf-animals [SHIPS > SEA-KING] throughout the sea-washed shores of the western settlements. The outlawed princes brought their helmet-protected heads to the relentless terror of the retinue of robbery [JUST RULER].




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