Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 4II/1 — af ‘from’

Laust af liðföstum
ljósum valdrósar
brims á bjarthimna
blómum vegljóma.
Ferð var friðskerðis
flokka áþokkuð
heims of hafstrauma
hringa eldingum.

Ljósum vegljóma brims laust á bjarthimna af liðföstum blómum valdrósar. Ferð flokka friðskerðis hringa of hafstrauma var áþokkuð eldingum heims.

Gleams of the glory-flash of the surf [GOLD] shot towards the bright heavens from the staunch leaves of the slaughter-woman [VALKYRIE > SHIELDS]. The voyage of the companies of the peace-diminisher of rings [GENEROUS MAN] across the sea-currents was like lightning of [this] world.



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