Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 1II/1 — hvattar ‘keen’

Sturl Hrafn 1II

Sóttu sóknhvattar
sveitir háleitan
geira glymstæri
glyggs ór Finnbygðum.
Alt brá jarðbeltis
austan sigrflaustum
gjálfr af Gautelfi
gætis hásæta.

Sóknhvattar sveitir sóttu háleitan glymstæri glyggs geira ór Finnbygðum. Gjálfr jarðbeltis brá sigrflaustum gætis hásæta alt austan af Gautelfi.

Battle-keen companies sought the sublime din-increaser of the storm of spears [BATTLE > WARRIOR] from the settlements of the Saami. The surge of the earth-belt [SEA] drove the victory-vessels of the guardian of rowing-benches [CAPTAIN] all the way west from the Götaälv.


[1] ‑hvattar: hvatar 8, hvattir Flat


[1] sóknhvattar ‘battle-keen’: Hap. leg.



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