Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (HSig) 8II/1 — skína ‘shine’

Skóð lætr skína rauðan
skjǫld, es dregr at hjaldri;
brúðr sér Aurnis jóða
ófǫr konungs gǫrva.
Sviptir sveiflankjapta
svanni holdi manna;
ulfs munn litar innan
óðlôt kona blóði;
ok óðlôt kona bloði.

Skóð lætr rauðan skjǫld skína, es dregr at hjaldri; brúðr jóða Aurnis sér gǫrva ófǫr konungs. Svanni sviptir holdi manna sveiflankjapta; óðlôt kona litar munn ulfs innan blóði; ok óðlôt kona bloði.

The troll-woman lets the red shield shine when it draws close to battle; the bride of Aurnir’s <giant’s> brood [GIANTS > GIANTESS] sees the king’s destined defeat at hand. The woman tosses men’s flesh to the grinding jaw; the raving female reddens the wolf’s mouth within with blood; and the raving female with blood.


[1] skína: om. 39



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