Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (HSig) 9II/7 — gefið ‘you will provide’

Gramr vá frægr til fremðar
flestan sigr inn digri;
hlautk, þvít heima sôtum,
heilagt fall til vallar.
Uggik øfst ráð, tyggi;
yðr mun feigð of byrjuð;
— trolls gefið fôkum fyllar
fíks — veldra goð slíku.

Frægr gramr inn digri vá flestan sigr til fremðar; hlautk heilagt fall til vallar, þvít sôtum heima. Uggik øfst ráð, tyggi; feigð mun of byrjuð yðr; gefið fôkum fíks trolls fyllar; goð veldra slíku.

The famous stout prince won most victories for his advancement; I got a holy death on the battlefield, because we [I] stayed at home. I fear the final undertaking, lord; death will be in store for you; you will provide fill for the steeds of the greedy troll [WOLVES]; God will not be the cause of that.


[7] gefið: gefr 61, gefa Tóm, gefi Bb, ‘giora’ Flat



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