Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (HSig) 1II/1 — ór ‘from’

Skôru jast ór osti
eybaugs Dana meyjar
— þat of angraði þengil
þing — akkerishringa.
Nú sér mǫrg í morgun
mær — hlær at því færi —
ernan krók ór jarni
allvalds skipum halda.

Meyjar Dana eybaugs skôru akkerishringa ór jastosti; þat þing of angraði þengil. Nú í morgun sér mǫrg mær ernan krók ór jarni halda skipum allvalds; færi hlær at því.

The girls of the Danes of the island-ring [SEA] carved anchor-rings from yeast-cheese; that object angered the lord. Now this morning many a maiden sees a powerful hook of iron holding the mighty ruler’s ships; fewer laugh at that.


[1] ór: er FskBˣ, af FskAˣ


[1] ór jastosti ‘from yeast-cheese’: Kock (NN §1953A) objected to this tmesis and suggested the reading skru jastar osti translated as skuro av jästost ‘cut from yeast-cheese’. That reading is not supported by any ms. Jastostr is a hap. leg. and it is not clear what type of cheese this could have been (see ÍF 28, 100 n.; Grøn 1927, 100). Skj B translates it as myseost, a brown cheese made from the whey of cow’s milk, which is, however, not made with yeast. The Fsk variant, skru oss ór osti ‘cut for us from cheese’, is secondary and leaves the l. with faulty internal rhyme.



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