Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákkv 38II/4 — drepinn ‘struck’

Var geðsteinn
gauzkum manni
styrjar stund
í stall drepinn,
áðr ógnstórr
játat hafði
Svía gramr
siklings boði.

Geðsteinn gauzkum manni var drepinn í stall stund styrjar, áðr ógnstórr gramr Svía hafði játat boði siklings.

The mind-stone [HEART] of the Gautish men was struck by fear in that moment of unrest before the awe-inspiring lord of the Swedes [SWEDISH RULER = Birgir] had agreed to the ruler’s offer.


[4] drepinn: so all others, drepit E


[4] drepinn í stall ‘struck by fear’: For this expression, see Note to Arn Þorfdr 7/5, 8. According to the saga, the Gautar were afraid that the peace agreement would fail and that Hákon would harry in their country (E 1916, 632): ok miok voro þeir hræddir ef haufðingiarnir sættiz æigi at Noʀegs konungr mundi gera stor heruirki i landi þeiʀa ‘and they were very much afraid that if the chieftains did not come to an agreement, the king of Norway would harry extensively in their country’.



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