Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákkv 30II/6 — af ‘from’

Ok þar sat
seggja dróttinn
gulli grimmr
á gjafstóli.
Þá hverr maðr
af hringskata,
þat er yrþjóð
æskja kunni.

Ok þar sat dróttinn seggja, grimmr gulli, á gjafstóli. Hverr maðr þá af hringskata, þat er yrþjóð kunni æskja.

And there the lord of men [KING = Hákon], fierce towards gold, sat on the gift-chair. Each man received from the ring-generous one that which mankind could wish for.


[6] af: at F, 81a, 8


[6] af ‘from’: At ‘from’ (so F, 81a, 8) is an equally good reading.



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