Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákkv 25II/14 — karðináli ‘cardinal’

Sú kom gipt
af guðs syni
yfir Hákon
heilli góðu,
er allvald
öflgrar kristni
til friðar vígði,
ok geðstórr
á grams höfuð
kórónu lét
í Björgyn
at boði páfa.

Sú gipt kom góðu heilli yfir Hákon af syni guðs, er fyrirmaðr öflgrar kristni vígði allvald til friðar, ok geðstórr, kappsnúinn karðináli lét kórónu á konungligt höfuð grams í Björgyn at boði páfa.

That luck came by good fortune upon Hákon from the son of God [= Christ], when the leading man of powerful Christianity [= William] consecrated the mighty ruler for peace, and the proud, vigorous cardinal placed the crown on the royal head of the prince in Bergen at the Pope’s bidding.


[14] karðináli: karðinális 42ˣ


[14] karðináli ‘cardinal’: William of Sabina had been on a papal mission to Henry III of England, and he arrived in Norway in July of 1247. From Norway he proceeded to Sweden to visit the court of King Eiríkr Eiríksson.



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