Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákkv 24II/5 — bliks ‘of the gleam’

Ok þar gekk
á Gjallarbrú
ræsis mágr
fyr riðusóttum
bauga bliks,
er boðar fellu
elda vers
of afarmenni.

Ok þar gekk mágr ræsis á Gjallarbrú fyr riðusóttum bliks bauga, er boðar elda vers fellu of afarmenni.

And there the in-law of the ruler stepped on Gjallarbrú because of the fevers of the gleam of shield-bosses [SWORD] when the offerers of the fires of the ocean [GOLD > GENEROUS MEN] fell around the proud man.


[5] bliks: ‘bligs’ 81a


[4-5] fyr riðusóttum bliks bauga ‘because of the fevers of the gleam of shield-bosses [SWORD]’: Refers to Skúli’s death by the sword. Riðusótt lit. ‘quivering illness’ denotes attacks of fever, shivering, malaria, and it is not a base-word proper in a kenning; rather, Skúli died from ‘an illness of the sword’.




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