Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákkv 23II/1 — nafn ‘renowned’

En nafnfrægt
nøkkvi síðar
í náreið
á Niðarbakka
við leygför
leggja knátti
ríkr hertogi.

En nøkkvi síðar knátti ríkr hertogi leggja nafnfrægt rausnarlíf í náreið á Niðarbakka við leygför.

And a little later, the powerful duke placed his renowned, splendid body on the bier on the banks of Nidelven because of the raging of fire.


[1] nafn‑: so 8, Flat, mun E, man F, 42ˣ, 81a


[1] nafnfrægt (n. nom. sg.) ‘renowned’: Only 8 and Flat contain the first element of this cpd (the other mss have a form of munu ‘may, will be’), but nafn- is needed to provide alliteration. Nafnfrægr (m. nom. sg.) ‘renowned’ in Flat qualifies hertogi ‘duke’ (l. 8; so Skj B and Skald), but this looks like a lectio facilior in view of the readings of 8 and the other mss.



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