Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákkv 1II/4 — tírar ‘famous’

Þá hefr í ætt
öðlingr drepit
Tryggva niðs
er framráðs
flýja þurfti
ynglings barn
fyr ófriði.

Þá hefr öðlingr drepit tírarhöfði í ætt niðs Tryggva, er barn framráðs ynglings þurfti flýja fyr ófriði.

Then the prince [Hákon] pushed his famous head into the family of the kinsman of Tryggvi [= Óláfr Tryggvason], when the child of the ambitious king [= Hákon] was forced to flee on account of unrest.


[1-2, 4] þá hefr öðlingr drepit tírarhöfði í ætt ‘then the prince [Hákon] pushed his famous head into the family’: I.e. ‘he proved himself to be of that ilk’. — [4] tírarhöfði ‘his famous head’: Taken as a cpd here, formed in keeping with such compounds as tírarfǫr ‘famous journey’ (see LP: tírarfǫr; tírargjarn; tírarlauss). Kock also connects tírar (m. gen. sg.) ‘of fame’ with höfði ‘head’ but takes these as two separate words (Skald; NN §2578). Skj B construes tírar with ætt ‘family’ (l. 1) (ætt tírar ‘family of fame’).



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