Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 12I/6 — harða ‘at a very’

Út munu ekkjur líta,
allsnúðula, prúðar,
— fljóð séa reyk — hvar ríðum
Rǫgnvalds í bý gǫgnum.
Keyrum hross, svát heyri
harða langt at garði
hesta rôs ór húsum
hugsvinn kona innan.

Prúðar ekkjur munu líta út, hvar ríðum allsnúðula í gǫgnum bý Rǫgnvalds; fljóð séa reyk. Keyrum hross, svát hugsvinn kona heyri rôs hesta at garði harða langt innan ór húsum.

Fine ladies will look out where we ride very quickly through Rǫgnvaldr’s town; the women will see the dust-cloud. Let’s spur our horses so that a wise-minded woman may hear [our] steeds’ race to the manor at a very great distance from inside the buildings.


[6] harða: harðla 325VI, 73aˣ, 78aˣ, Flat


[6] harða langt ‘at a very great distance’: So Hallberg (1975, 167). The sense could instead be temporal (so Ternström 1871, 11). Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) takes harða to be an adj. ‘hard’, qualifying rôs ‘race, rush’ in l. 7. Jón Skaptason (1983, 93) takes the sense of the passage to be that the woman will hear the galloping ‘from far inside the halls’.



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