Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 10I/4 — vert ‘at the beginning of’

Snjalls létum skip skolla
skjǫldungs við ey tjǫlduð
fyr ágætu úti
ǫndvert sumar landi.
Enn í haust, es hestar
hagþorns á mó sporna
(ték ýmissar) Ekkils,
(íðir) hlýtk at ríða.

Létum skip snjalls skjǫldungs skolla tjǫlduð ǫndvert sumar úti við ey fyr ágætu landi. Enn hlýtk at ríða í haust, es hestar Ekkils sporna á mó hagþorns; ték ýmissar íðir.

We let the ship of the valiant monarch [Óláfr] skulk with its awnings up at the beginning of summer out by an island opposite some excellent country. But it is my lot to ride in autumn, when the horses of Ekkill <sea-king> [SHIPS] tread on the hawthorn’s moor [LAND]; I report various doings.


[4] ǫndvert: ‘o᷎ndítt’ 73aˣ



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