Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfagr Sveinn 8II/4 — lundaðr ‘tempered’

Allt of frák, hvé elti
austmenn á veg flausta
Sveinn, þás siklingr annarr,
snarlundaðr, helt undan.
Fengr varð Þrœnda þengils
— þeir léttu skip fleiri —
allr á éli sollnu
Jótlandshafi fljóta.

Allt of frák, hvé snarlundaðr Sveinn elti austmenn á veg flausta, þás annarr siklingr helt undan. Allr fengr þengils Þrœnda varð fljóta á éli sollnu Jótlandshafi; þeir léttu fleiri skip.

I heard it all, how quick-tempered Sveinn pursued the Norwegians on the path of ships [SEA], when the other prince steered away. All the loot of the lord of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN KING = Haraldr] had to float on the hail-swollen Kattegat; they emptied more ships [of their cargo].



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