Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfagr Sveinn 6II/4 — veitat ‘does not know’

Hvé hefr til Heiðabœjar
heiptgjarn konungr arnat,
folk-Rǫgnir getr fregna
fylkis sveit, hinns veitat,
þás til þengils bœjar
þarflaust Haraldr austan
ár, þats ôn of væri,
endr byrskíðum renndi.

Folk-Rǫgnir, hinns veitat, getr fregna sveit fylkis, hvé heiptgjarn konungr hefr arnat til Heiðabœjar, þás Haraldr renndi endr byrskíðum þarflaust austan til bœjar þengils ár, þats of væri ôn.

That battle-Rǫgnir <= Óðinn> [WARRIOR] who does not know can ask the ruler’s troop how the war-eager king travelled to Hedeby, when Haraldr once sent the skis of fair wind [SHIPS] without due cause from the east to the lord’s town that year, which never should have been.


[4] hinns veitat (‘hinn er veitat’): ‘en honum er neitad’ Flat, en veitat 39, er veitat F



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