Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfagr Sveinn 5II/3 — sás ‘who’

Stýrir Ulfs til Elfar
óskmǫgr skipum fǫgrum,
sás hrækǫstu hæsta
hleðr í Gunnar veðri.
Skolla vé, þars vǫllu
vápnlauðri drífr rauðu,
(regn drepr Gauts í gǫgnum)
gullmerk*ð (Hôolfs serki).

Óskmǫgr Ulfs, sás hleðr hæsta hrækǫstu í veðri Gunnar, stýrir fǫgrum skipum til Elfar. Gullmerk*ð vé skolla, þars drífr vǫllu rauðu vápnlauðri; regn Gauts drepr í gǫgnum serki Hôolfs.

Úlfr’s beloved son [= Sveinn], who stacks the highest corpse-piles in the storm of Gunnr <valkyrie> [BATTLE], steers fair ships to the Götaälv. Gold-embroidered banners flutter where red weapon-foam [BLOOD] covers the fields; the rain of Gautr <= Óðinn> [ARROWS] hammers through Hálfr’s <legendary king’s> shirts [BYRNIES].



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