Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 63VII/5 — af ‘from’

Heðan vas ungr frá angri
— alls mest vini flesta
guð reynir svá sína —
siklingr numinn miklu.
Nú lifir hraustr í hæstri
himna valds, þars aldri,
fárskerðandi fyrða
friðarsýn, gleði týnisk.

Siklingr vas numinn ungr heðan frá miklu angri; guð reynir svá flesta vini sína alls mest. Nú lifir hraustr fárskerðandi fyrða í hæstri friðarsýn valds himna, þars gleði aldri týnisk.

The king was taken young from here, from great affliction; God tests thus most of his friends very frequently. Now the valiant misfortune-diminisher of men [SAINT] lives in the highest vision of peace of the ruler of the heavens [= God], where joy never ceases.



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