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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eil Þdr 5III/8 — grímnis ‘grímnir’

Ok gangs vanir gingu
gunnvargs himintǫrgu
fríðrar vers; til fljóða
frumseyris kom dreyra,
þás bǫlkveitir brjóta
bragðmildr Loka vildi
bræði vændr á brúði
bág Sefgrímnis mága.

Ok vanir gangs gingu vers gunnvargs fríðrar himintǫrgu; kom til dreyra frumseyris fljóða, þás bragðmildr, bræði vændr bǫlkveitir Loka vildi brjóta bág á brúði mága Sefgrímnis.

And the ones accustomed to walking went to the sea of the battle-wolf of the splendid sky-shield [SUN > = Fenrir > MOUNTAINS]; [he] came to the blood of the foremost harasser of women [GIANT > RIVER], when the action-liberal, rage-familiar misfortune-destroyer of Loki [= Þórr] wanted to open hostilities on the bride of the in-laws of Sefgrímnir <giant> [GIANTS > GIANTESS].


[8] ‑grímnis: grísnis , W


[8] Sefgrímnis ‘of Sefgrímnir <giant>’: The present edn retains the reading of R and interprets it as the name of a giant. Grímnir is well attested both as a simplex and as the second element of a cpd giant-name; cf. Grímnir (Þul Jǫtna II 1/3), Aurgrímnir (Þul Jǫtna II 2/4) and Hrímgrímnir (Skí 35/1; Þul Jǫtna I 1/6 and II 1/7). Other, and more elaborate interpretations of this word (Sveinbjörn Egilsson 1851, 26; Finnur Jónsson 1900b, 381; LP: sefgrímnir; Reichardt 1948, 347) are uncertain.




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