Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Valg Har 9II/4 — fǫgr ‘fair’

Dvalði daprt of skilða
(drifu, þeirs eptir lifðu)
ferð, en fengin urðu
fǫgr sprund (Danir undan).
Láss helt líki drósar;
leið fyr yðr til skeiða
(bitu fíkula fjǫtrar)
fljóð mart (hǫrund bjartir).

Dvalði daprt of skilða ferð; Danir, þeirs lifðu eptir, drifu undan, en fǫgr sprund urðu fengin. Láss helt líki drósar; mart fljóð leið fyr yðr til skeiða; bjartir fjǫtrar bitu hǫrund fíkula.

The pitifully scattered crowd was delayed; the Danes who were still alive fled away, but fair women were captured. A lock secured the girl’s body; many a maiden went before you to the warships; bright fetters bit greedily into the flesh.



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