Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Valg Har 8II/4 — fella ‘to collapse’

Brann í bœ fyr sunnan
bjartr eldr Hróiskeldu;
rǫnn lét ræsir nenninn
reykvell ofan fella.
Lôgu landsmenn gnógir;
ló hel sumum frelsi;
drósk harmvesalt hýski
hljótt til skógs á flótta.

Bjartr eldr brann í bœ fyr sunnan Hróiskeldu; nenninn ræsir lét reykvell rǫnn fella ofan. Gnógir landsmenn lôgu; hel ló sumum frelsi; harmvesalt hýski drósk hljótt til skógs á flótta.

Bright fire burned in the settlement south of Roskilde; the vigorous ruler caused smouldering buildings to collapse. Plenty of countrymen lay [dead]; death deprived some of their freedom; the grief-stricken household crawled silently to the forest in flight.



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